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Finding Keynote Speakers and Workshop Leaders can be a stressful task.

You want speakers who are smart, well spoken and have a great message to share. But, you also need them to be relatable and speak a language that is universally understood by your audience.

Finding a Planned Giving Speaker that fits this mold can be difficult.

The language is often technical and your audience is all over the place when it comes to expertise.

You can’t afford to choose a speaker that will waste your people’s time.
Dana Holt

Dana J. Holt, JD RICP AEP

Dana is a charitable gift planning educator, coach, and professional speaker. She teaches fundraisers how to raise millions more by accessing wealth, not just cash - and teaches advisors how to grow their practice with the power of philanthropic planning.

Before starting HOLT Consulting Dana began her career as an estate planning attorney and then spent 13 years at a Fortune 300 Financial Services company. There she helped advisors all over the U.S. with their most complex cases and taught them how to integrate charitable planning into their practice.

Now she focuses exclusively on teaching charitable planning through professional speaking and her first-of-it's-kind coaching program, Turning Wealth Into What Matters™.

Dana is a graduate of Mitchell Hamline School of Law and Southern Illinois University. She serves as Chair-Elect of the MN Planned Giving Council and lives in the Twin Cities with her two retired racing greyhounds.

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- A dynamic, engaging, and entertaining speaker with 2 decades of hands-on client experience.

- Rave reviews from your audience.

- Language and knowledge that equip your people to do their work better.

- Valuable resources for audience members.


Donor Advised Funds: Your $100 Billion Best Friend


Everywhere you turn people are talking about Donor Advised Funds. They’ve been popular for several years, but lately they’re really hitting their stride. The recent tax law changes have raised a renewed interest in these powerful creatures due to “bunching”.

Donor Advised Funds also stir strong feelings and heated discussions within the nonprofit community. Much of this heated discussion happens because until now fundraisers have seen DAFs as competition for charitable dollars, rather than a gigantic source of potential donations.

Let’s take a critical look at DAFs and discover exactly why I call them “Your $85 Billion Dollar Best Friend.”

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn exactly WHY Donor Advised Funds have become so popular.
  • Learn HOW Donor Advised Funds work.
  • Learn HOW to start fundraising FROM Donor Advised Funds.

Conquer The New Tax Rules + Raise Even More Money


There has been a lot of talk lately about how the new tax rules will affect charitable giving in America. Some of the talk has been positive and some negative. It can seem scary, because let’s face it – most people don’t like to talk about taxes and we tend to be afraid of what we don’t fully understand. Fear NOT! This session will de-mystify the changes for you, help you stay sane, and raise even more money!

You’ll walk away from this session knowing:

  • What Changed?
  • What Stayed The Same?
  • Where Are The Opportunities?
  • What Should You Say to Donors?

Amplify Your High Net Worth Practice with Philanthropic Planning


Most high net worth clients say their advisors aren’t good at philanthropic planning. They also have vastly different expectations than their advisors about how philanthropic planning should happen. High net worth clients also say knowing that an advisor has personal philanthropic experience and knowledge would factor into which advisor they choose and it would enhance the credibility of advice provided. Advisors who have embraced philanthropic planning have experienced great success and growth in their practices, including deeper client relationships, more high-quality referrals, and a link to the next generation. Philanthropic planning is just like any other skill – it can be developed. With the right practice and instruction, it can be successfully incorporated into any practice and bring great success!

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We’ve all been to that talk that left us feeling like we wasted our time. We try to discreetly answer an email or two on our phones to salvage something, but it’s tough to recover and get back into a rhythm after it.

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"Best speaker of the entire conference!"

~ Attendee

Minnesota Planned Giving Council Annual Conference

"I'm inspired! I'm totally inspired!"

~ Attendee

 Lee County, Florida Planned Giving Council Annual Symposium

"One of the most professionally done, interesting, and informative break out sessions I’ve ever attended"

~ Attendee + Retired Attorney

 AFP/MN Council on Nonprofits Fundraising Conference

"The information is up-to-the-minute current, extremely relevant and useful. Her depth of knowledge is great, and she has a knack for conveying complex information in a very digestible way. And she has a great sense of humor!"

~Rebecca Otten,

Director of Development, St. Olaf College