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You work for a mission, not the bottom line.

But your performance is based on meeting benchmarks and reading projections and budget forecasts. The work you do is absolutely critical to how well your organization achieves its mission.

You wake up each morning inspired by the work of your organization and you want to make sure your performance enables the best possible outcomes!

Most days, you can do your job very well, but when it comes to gift planning, you may feel intimidated and under-equipped. You think you need to know everything in order to support a donor to make a more complex gift. Tax laws are complicated and you're not sure where to start.

GIFT PLANNING DOESN'T HAVE TO BE INTIMIDATING! Through the Turning Wealth Into What Matters™ Gift Planning School you will learn exactly what you need to know to spot big giving opportunities that have been passing you by.

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Only 10% of America’s wealth is held in cash.

It’s true - only 10% is hanging out in our checking and savings accounts. The rest of our wealth happily spends its days living as things like real estate, life insurance, retirement accounts, and other interesting assets.

Even though that’s where the real money is charities constantly “chase the checkbook” for donations and donors focus on giving from their checking accounts rather than the other 90% of their assets.

Confidently call yourself a "Gift Planner."

Eliminate feelings of confusion and mystery that gift planning used to cause.

I've designed hundreds of successful planned gifts and I can't wait to teach you how to do it too!

Turning Wealth Into What Matters™

Gift Planning School

On-Demand Learning Modules + Curated Educational Content + Quizzes

De-Mystify Planned Giving: Until now charitable gift planning has been a mysterious blend of tax wizardry, voodoo, and legalese. This program will de-mystify it for you.

Discover More Opportunities: Non-cash gifts coincide with specific events in a donor’s life. When you understand these events, you’ll see potential gifts all around you.

Develop Confident Conversations: When you understand a donor’s assets and planning concerns you’ll have more informed and productive conversations with donors and their advisors.

Dana Holt

Dana J. Holt, JD RICP AEP® CAP®

Dana is a charitable gift planning educator, coach, and professional speaker. She teaches fundraisers how to raise millions more by accessing wealth, not just cash - and teaches advisors how to grow their practice with the power of philanthropic planning.

Before starting HOLT Consulting Dana began her career as an estate planning attorney and then spent 13 years at a Fortune 300 Financial Services company. There she helped advisors all over the U.S. with their most complex cases and taught them how to integrate charitable planning into their practice.

Now she focuses exclusively on teaching charitable planning through professional speaking and her first-of-it's-kind coaching program, Turning Wealth Into What Matters™.

Dana is a graduate of Mitchell Hamline School of Law and Southern Illinois University. She serves as Chair of the MN Planned Giving Council and lives in the Twin Cities with her two retired racing greyhounds.

"I've worked for Mayo Clinic for over 20 years. This is the best thing they've ever done for me!
~ Bethel Ruest, Gift Planner,
Mayo Clinic
"You have fully met our expectations and we thank you wholeheartedly for your work!" 

~Mallory Roberts, Director of Development, MN Opera

"Our IRA Rollover gifts have increased 200% within a few months of beginning this program!"
~Anna Waugh,
Mississippi Park Connection
"Dana takes all of the intimidation out of any gift planning concept. She frames even the most complex gift ideas into language that donors, gift planners and professional advisors can easily understand. I know I can count on her competency in any situation. You don't have to know everything about gift planning...but you do need to keep Dana close."
~Brenda Moore, CFRE,
Brenda Moore & Associates, LLC
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