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What The Heck Is Program Related Investing (PRI) and Why Should I Care?

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Program Related Investing (PRI) is the Next Big Thing in Philanthropy. The potential is completely untapped. Let’s break it down. About 10 years ago I heard about PRI for the first time. The Community Foundation for which I worked  dipped it’s toe into the PRI world when it began making below-market loans to charities for capital…

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Elevate Your Planned Giving Program Without Breaking the Bank

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Most of the small to mid-size nonprofits I coach ask me the exact same question: “How can we start or up-level our gift planning program without a huge investment?”  My advice is always the same. You can raise big planned gifts with little or no additional investment. You should focus on three key planned gift…

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The 800 Pound Gorilla of Philanthropy

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Gorillas are Bigger Than They Appear. Earlier this year I wrote an article entitled “Donor Advised Funds: Your $85 Billion Dollar Best Friend”. It reviewed the data behind the multi-billion dollar donor-advised fund business. Well, it’s a new year and, frankly, Donor Advised Funds are bigger now than I think most of us ever expected.…

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Start Your Engines: It’s IRA Season!

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Tis The Season Over the past few years, donors have gotten the hang of using the Qualified Charitable Distribution to their great advantage. Charities are starting to promote it and Advisors are realizing the incredible tax benefits for their clients. This is the time of year when many people over 70 1/2 are making decisions…

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The Curious Case of the Stock Option

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Over the years I’ve received numerous calls and e-mails from advisors and development officers  with the same question. It goes like this. “I am working with a business executive who has a lot of stock options. Can she donate those to charity?” The answer is “usually no”, but they still offer an incredible opportunity for…

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My Dearest Readers, I hope you will indulge me as this “first anniversary” edition takes on a different, more philosophical and reflective tone. I hope it inspires you to consider what “significance” means to you. A Look Forward + Back As August draws to a close, our thoughts drift towards autumn, back to school, and…

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Giving Is The New Black

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These days it’s not enough to just sell a good product. You must sell a good product that also does good. Americans are becoming ever more conscious of how they spend their money. We aren’t just concerned with what we purchase, but rather how those purchases affect the world. We want the companies we buy from to be…

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The #1 Reason Fundraisers Don’t Meet Goals and Burn-out

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Are you a fundraiser who has ever felt burnt out and that you’ll never meet the ever-growing goals set for you? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us have felt this way from time to time and there is one big reason for it and it can’t be solved with out-dated fundraising methods. There…

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Donor Advised Funds: Your $85 Billion Dollar Best Friend

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Everywhere I turn people are talking about Donor Advised Funds. They’ve been popular for several years, but lately they’re really hitting their stride. The recent tax law changes have raised a renewed interest in these powerful creatures due to the “bunching” strategy discussed in my January article. People are considering making several years worth of…

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A Fundraiser’s Guide to New Tax Rules: Volume 2

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Hello again, friends! In this 2-part series, we are tackling the new tax changes and what they mean for charitable giving. In the last article, we looked at itemized vs. standard deductions, “bunching”, and the Qualified Charitable Distribution. If you haven’t yet read Volume 1, I highly encourage you to start there and then come…

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