I know competition is tough. I spent over 13 years working in financial services. You need to retain the best clients, get great referrals, and stand out from your competition.

You're in luck. You can achieve all of those things and more!

I've used my experience and expertise to help hundreds of advisors stand out from their competition by helping their clients achieve their deepest, most personal goals.

I'm talking about charitable planning!

High net worth consumers say knowing that an advisor has personal charitable planning experience and knowledge would factor into which advisor they choose and it would enhance the credibility of their advice.

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Philanthropic planning is just like any other skill – it can be developed. With the right practice and instruction, it can be successfully incorporated into any practice and bring great success!

Most high net worth clients say their advisors aren’t good at philanthropic planning. They also have vastly different expectations than their advisors about how philanthropic planning should happen.

Advisors who have embraced philanthropic planning have experienced great success and growth in their practices, including deeper client relationships, more high-quality referrals, and a link to the next generation.

Turning Wealth Into What Matters™

Gift Planning School

11 Part Webinar Series + Personal Coaching & Casework Support

• Deepen client relationships so they last a lifetime.

• Secure a solid connection to the next generation of clients.

• Feel a renewed sense of satisfaction in your practice.

• Carve out a unique niche for yourself in the planning world.

• Take your practice from ordinary to extraordinary!


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Dana Holt

Dana J. Holt, JD RICP AEP® CAP®

Dana is a charitable gift planning educator, coach, and professional speaker. She teaches fundraisers how to raise millions more by accessing wealth, not just cash - and teaches advisors how to grow their practice with the power of philanthropic planning.

Before starting HOLT Consulting Dana began her career as an estate planning attorney and then spent 13 years at a Fortune 300 Financial Services company. There she helped advisors all over the U.S. with their most complex cases and taught them how to integrate charitable planning into their practice.

Now she focuses exclusively on teaching charitable planning through professional speaking and her first-of-it's-kind coaching program, Turning Wealth Into What Matters™.

Dana is a graduate of Mitchell Hamline School of Law and Southern Illinois University. She serves as Chair of the MN Planned Giving Council and lives in the Twin Cities with her two retired racing greyhounds.



"Dana has extensive planned giving experience and works hard to ensure charitable plans are donor-centric, comprehensive, and impactful."

~ R.S., Financial Services Professional, Minneapolis




"Dana has a rare combination of deep technical skills and polished people skills that make her not just an advisor you go to for answers but someone that professionals and clients enjoy working alongside. She has such an inquisitive charitable gift planning mind -- and it shows in her work and attitude. It makes her a fantastic resource for nonprofit professionals, donors, and advisors alike when challenging situations surface."

~ Eric Joranson, JD, Sr. Director of Development, National Philanthropic Trust

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