"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving."

~Mother Teresa

Photo of Dana wearing glasses and a scarf with honeycomb pattern and brown jacket
Dana Holt, JD AEP
CEO and Philanthropic Strategist

"Dana has a thorough understanding of financial and legal issues that are at play in charitable giving strategies, and a knack for breaking down complexities into simple to understand solutions to meet the donor's charitable and finance goals. She always projects professionalism, and she has a no-nonesense "get it done" attitude, which instills trust in donors and their advisors. She's easy to work with, meets deadlines, and has excellent follow-through. Plus, she's fun!"

~Cindy Aegerter, CFRE, Senior Gift Planner, inFaith Community Foundation


I am a gift planning guru, yoga enthusiast, and greyhound mom. I use my twenty years of experience in financial, estate, and gift planning to help charities, families, and professional advisors turn assets into the very best charitable gifts.

Only about 10% of America's wealth is held in cash. It's true - only 10% is hanging out in our checking and savings accounts. The rest of our wealth happily spends its days living as things like real estate, life insurance, retirement accounts, and other interesting assets.

If that's where the real money is, then why do charities constantly "chase the checkbook" for donations? Why do donors focus on giving from their checking accounts when the other 90% is just sitting there waiting to be shared for the benefit of life-changing causes?

I'll tell you why. It's because until now charitable gift planning has been a mysterious blend of tax wizardry, voodoo, and legalese. I'm here to de-mystify it for you.

I will teach you how to unlock that other 90% for the benefit of your favorite charitable works. Together, we will turn wealth into what matters.


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